This Key will primarily assist in the identification of a snake that has been killed. It may also allow a limited ability to identify a snake sighted or photographed. It is not complete at present, being focused on the south-west of the state, but will be added to over time until it is a complete record of all WA species, or at least species-groups. If you have some idea of the snakeís identity you can go to the species listed below to verify.





*Bandy Bandy


*Black-naped Snake

*Black-striped Snake

*Blind Snakes

*Crowned Snake

*Death Adders


*Dugite (Juvenile)

*Golden Tree Snake


*Half-Girdled Snake

*Hooded Snakes

*Lake Cronin Snake

*Little Spotted Snake

*Masterís Snake

*Moon Snake

*Mulga Snakes



*Ringed Brown

*Rosenís Snake

*Sand Snakes

*Sedge Snake



*Tiger Snake

*Whip Snakes

*Legless Lizards



For those living in the Perth region (Geraldton south), Goldfields, Gascoyne, Pilbara and Kimberley you can download the following Identification Keys by clicking right mouse button and selecting save. Ė


Perth Region


Deep Southwest












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