Whip Snakes
(Genus Demansia)

This group of slender, fast-moving, diurnal, lizard-eating snakes is represented by at least one species in most parts of mainland Australia. Although unlikely to cause more than passing discomfort to an adult, large specimens are possibly dangerous to children. All but one species attain less than one metre in length.

Reticulated Whip Snake (Demansia reticulata). This individual from Jurien, Western Australia

Coppertail, Two-toned Snake, Green Whip Snake are all common names applied to the Reticulated Whip Snake (Demansia reticulata) in northwestern Australia. This individual is from Whim Creek, Western Australia

This individual of Demansia reticulata is from Shay Gap, Western Australia

This individual of Demansia reticulata with black head is also from Shay Gap, Western Australia

Desert Whip snake (Demansia cyanochasma) from Laverton, Western Australia

Narrow-headed Whip snake (Demansia angusticeps) from west of Halls Creek, Western Australia

Black-necked Whip Snake (Demansia calodera) is restricted to the central west coast. This individual is from Carnarvon, WA.

Rufous or Red Whip Snake (Demansia rufescens) is restricted to the Pilbara Region of Western Australia. This one is from RTIO's Koodaideri.

Papuan Whip Snake (Demansia papuensis) occurs in the northern Kimberley Region of Western Australia and east to northern Queensland. It is the largest of the whip snakes (Genus Demansia) attaining in excess of 1.6 metres.

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