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Field Guide to the Snakes of the Pilbara Western Australia

by Brian Bush & Brad Maryan

Available now is a new book on the snakes of the Pilbara biogeographical region, published by the WA Museum, it includes all the diagnostics to assist in identification of the one exotic snake, 28 terrestrial snakes and 18 marine sea snakes that are known to occur there today. All species are illustrated with over 120 colour photos. A unique feature of this book is the inclusion of a section on snake management in towns, villages, workplaces and recreational areas. The recommended retail price is $30.00.

For mail orders, please contact WA Museum Bookshop -

Tel: (08) 9427 2776

Fax: (08) 9427 2864

or email Museum Bookshop

In Pilbara you can contact - Collins Booksellers, Karratha on (08) 9183 8367

For commercial orders, please contact Janice Brown on 0419 198 404
or email Janice Brown

Brian Bush (Old Fellah - left) and Brad Maryan (Young Fellah - right) at Lizard Siding on the Karratha-Tom Price Access Road in 2009. The pair, along with their mates spend plenty of time in the field. On this particular trip they were looking for a lizard, but not just any lizard - this is Lerista quadrivincula: Known from a single animal found on Karratha Station by Harry Butler in 1980 and never seen since!

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