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I'm stuck at the Telfer security gate after the road was closed behind me - it had only been
opened for just one day after being closed for ten days due to Cyclone George.

Too much water!

Then after getting out of there and back on the bitumen, five kilometres down the road the
Oakover River causeway had a metre of water flowing over it, along with a 40 centimetre
drop-off - I was stuck there three days waiting for the water level to drop. Home today and
off to the Goldfields tomorrow! No peace for the wicked!!

Good fishing though!

Where's that drop-off?

Beer time!

It's cool here!

Who said the fishing was good?

Let's dance!

Moving again!

Between 20th and 25th March 2007 I was interrupted in my visits to various operations by extensive rain associated
with tropical cyclone and thunderstorm activity. I would like to thank the people at both Telfer and Woodie Woodie
for looking after me, especially the fellow that drove 140 kilometres to deliver the newspaper, and the bloke
that lent me the fishing rod - you are both good blokes! The truckies on the eastern side of the Oakover River
were great too! I did not meet anyone from the western side - the poor buggers had to drive 150 kilometres to
Marble Bar to get their rations, we only had 50 kilometres to go to Woodie Woodie!

Apologies to Area C operation for not being able to get there, but the good news is we have rescheduled!

Thanks for being a great bunch of truckies - I could not have selected better blokes to have a beer with!

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